Life Notes

  • Do You Love Mama?

    “Do you love Mama?” As I ask I feel a smile sneak though my lips no longer pursed to reflect the serious tone and expression. But you knew I was teasing, anyway. And respond with glee. You toss your head back, flashing your toothy grin. We lean in lock eyes you say “Dada” Defiantly, jubilantly… Read more

  • hidden milestones

    hidden milestones

    I feel incredibly emotional today. I am choking back tears and feel like what little energy I have is slowly seeping out of me, like a small tear in an inflatable raft, its not noticeable until you notice it, and then it’s just a disaster — plain and simple. Today is a normal day. My… Read more

  • moments in time

    moments in time

    Avrie continues to amaze us at how she has taken to her role as big sister. She truly is a little helper and does everything that I ask from fetching a diaper to holding the bottle when I feel like I don’t have enough hands. When Isla is upset, Avrie will take it upon herself… Read more

  • some excuses. some valid. 

    Unfortunately, I have come to realize that finding time for myself is even harder than I thought – even after committing to making myself a priority. I can easily add myself to the list every day, but whether I put a checkmark next to my name is less predictable. I have lots of excuses. It… Read more

  • committing to myself

    Treading water. As a metaphor, I feel like I’ve been treading for a long time. Here I am, expending energy yet going nowhere. The juxtaposition at play is that I have an immense amount joy in my life. Immense. I laugh every single day. I love and feel loved to a degree that is impossible… Read more

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