moments in time

Avrie continues to amaze us at how she has taken to her role as big sister. She truly is a little helper and does everything that I ask from fetching a diaper to holding the bottle when I feel like I don’t have enough hands. When Isla is upset, Avrie will take it upon herself to sweetly sing to her sister and she seems to always be able to work her magic in a way that Kyle and I cannot. “Down in the Meadow” is Isla’s favorite song (hands down). This song was introduced to her (and us) by Avrie and seems to be the only one that works to soothe Isla when all other methods are failing.

Sometimes, when I am upset and lacking patience Avrie will tell me to “just breathe” and offer words of encouragement like, “you can do it.” I don’t know how she is so wise beyond her years. She definitely has an old soul.

The other day, Avrie told me that she doesn’t want to grow up — that she wants to stay a little girl forever. At times like this, when such a simple sentiment is spoken, I almost feel a pang of hurt. I wish that I could freeze the moment, repeat it over and over, and view it from every angle. With each second, things are changing and a beautiful moment may be fleeting but luckily there will be more — especially if we choose to live a positive life and focus on the beauty around us

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