Life Notes

  • A Morning of Misses

    A Morning of Misses

    It has been a MORNING. It has been a morning of missteps — small failures being collected and littered behind me forming a twisty, slipshod path where a straight line should have been. This morning, my oldest missed the bus, which in itself can throw a wrench into a semi-established morning routine. This morning, I… Read more

  • Heavy Words

    Heavy Words

    It’s 3:47 am. I can’t sleep. I was going to say thoughts were running though my mind – rampant and racing, but that’s not true. There are only a few, but they are heavy. Heavy, anchored, and seemingly swelling. It’s parenting, and its tough. Not only the act of parenting, but just the role, the… Read more

  • I Break for Yoga

    I Break for Yoga

    Piles. I couldn’t get my mind off of them — endless piles of laundry, unopened mail, and germ-filled tissues that loved to congregate on tables and couches instead of the trash can. It was a Tuesday morning, my oldest was in school, and my youngest was napping. Yes, napping (cue Hallelujah chorus). These days, her… Read more

  • Running: happy, determined and free

    Today the girls went running around the block. We knew we had to arrange for some type of active play. The squealing, stomping, and occasional tear could no longer be contained by these four walls. Bundled up, with shoes knotted twice, we went out. The cool air filled their lungs, fueling their wild spirits and… Read more

  • School Tears

    I enter the room and hear the thundering chatter of 20 preschoolers, sitting in a circle. Several shoelaces untied, tiny heads of unkempt hair a casualty of the playground, slick with sweat, Straining to stay in their assigned positions. Eagerly watching the door for someone who is theirs their signal to bolt, their piece of… Read more

  • sometimes we crumble

    Crumbling, under piles,of to-dos, dirty clothes, outbursts, and questions Need to breath in for five seconds, out for seven. my life is fulfilling how can I feel so much love? yet struggle? chasing memories, of fleeting moments that soon pass senses are flooded by deafening wines and disapproving frowns try to remember remember to breathe… Read more

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